Formulary and rebate management services
  • Rebate aggregation solutions powered by a dynamic rebate analytics suite
  • Best-in-class formulary optimization process that carefully evaluates the balance between financial performance and benefit disruption to maximize value for our customers and their downstream clients
  • Consultative assessments of rebate performance across multiple dimensions (facilities, sites, therapeutic classes, specific drugs, etc.) tailored to customers’ needs
Data analytics and reporting
  • Customizable performance monitoring and financial support tool that utilizes best-in-class analytics functionality to reduce risk and improve overall economics
  • Modules include rebate and formulary, pharmacy network management (PBM and pharmacy side), network negotiations strategy, and pricing optimization
Pharmacy claim management
  • Solutions and insights around ancillary services including our medical benefit rebate offering and pharmacy benefit claims management strategy
Pharmacy network strategy
  • Full suite of solutions built exclusively to improve overall network performance management, including network design, network pricing, and performance monitoring